Top 9 Document Collaboration Tools to Empower Your Team
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Top 9 Document Collaboration Tools to Empower Your Team

Kavish Doshi

January 27, 2023

Empower your team in 2023 with the top 9 document collaboration tools. Read on to explore features, benefits and find the perfect solution to streamline your workflow.

Indeed, even in the present-times, compelling teamwork was perceived by thought leaders as one of the vital drivers of achievement. A solid teamwork towards a similar objective is a strong asset — it’s a characterizing part of the human experience, truly. The psychological state of cooperating has been found to ignite motivation, delight, and task constancy. All in all, what might you at any point do as an employer and team leader to work with this? You can engage your team with the right tools: bunch chats, document collaboration tools, task planning software, and so on to make it simpler to work together.

In this blog, we will discuss 9 most discussed document collaboration tools which stand out from a list of thousand more. We will also understand why Crove is the perfect alternative for these tools and why you should go with it.

Top 9 Document Collaboration Tools

1: Monday


  • The User Interface (UI) is modern and attractive
  • Supports editing documents through integrations from the most widespread platforms (for instance, Figma)
  • It is highly customizable


  • The free model is limited to only two users
  • Document analytics is missing, which is often needed

We all can agree on the fact that Monday has an evil reputation. At the start of a new workweek, most individuals have less motivation or are not entirely over the weekend hangover. However, if you are organized and so are the processes involved in working, you won’t be sulking much. was born, keeping this idea into consideration. The platform, which is an online collaboration tool, helps organize, streamline, plan and track the entire team’s work from a single place. The platform is highly visual and, additionally, plays the role of a task management solution where it enables users to keep track of the tasks and project progress. In case of urgency, a teammate can fill in for the other as well.

Going through the applications, I feel its attractive interface is the key selling point or the USP for If you are familiar with Asana and Airtable, you are sure to find considerably similar to them. It includes collaborative Excel spreadsheets with good user experience (UX) and rich colors. helps users follow a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to ensure smooth file sharing. It records or stores each of your files centralized in one place. The solution supports every format and enables us to handle everything by managing client and team permissions.

An excellent upside of the platform is that it enables us to share files and comments without the need to leave the platform. It also supports timely document editing from platforms such as Figma and G-Suite. Simplicity and automation are something is sure to provide.


  • There is an Individual Plan (for two seats) which is free
  • Next, there is a Basic Plan ($8 per seat/month)
  • Then, there is a Standard Plan ($10 per seat/month)
  • Finally, there is a Pro Plan ($16 per seat/month) and Enterprise Plan (custom price)

2: PandaDoc


  • Simplifies and empowers the document management process
  • Presence of templates for every type of document
  • Document analytics is present
  • Provides eSignature solution


  • PDF mode is available for normal use. Word is made accessible only in the higher tiers, which means more expenditure

PandaDoc is a document collaboration and management solution that helps users take charge of the creation, collaboration, and tracking processes for every document to empower contract management automation.

When speaking of applications, PandaDoc enables us to create customizable documents, document collaboration across major groups, and even provide it to the customer to request a legally binding eSignature. All these processes, and that too, just in a handful of minutes.

An appealing feature of PandaDoc is to help you receive payments as and when the client signs the contract. You may even send any document to your team internally for editing and other purposes before you finally send it to the client.


They have a free eSign plan (free for any number of documents)

  • Essentials plan ($19 per month per user)
  • Business plan ($49 per month per user)
  • Enterprise (custom price)



  • Presence of all the data and information in a single document
  • The drag-and-drop interface is highly intuitive


  • You will incur an additional expense if you want to leverage Zapier for some integrations
  • The process of copying and pasting from other sources is too complex

Coda, a document collaboration tool, helps streamline the entire document sharing process and reduces any distractions that cause the process to slow down.

Thanks to Coda, a single and flexible workspace is maintained to enable an entire team to pitch in without inviting any havoc, which is very unlikely with tools such as Google Docs and Sheets.

With Coda, gone are those situations where you had to switch between tabs. You now have the availability of building blocks that enable you to grow your document over time. Furthermore, you can also turn a blank document into an emphatic organization tool using their intuitive yet straightforward drag-and-drop interface.


  • Free plan (for an entire team but includes document size limitations)
  • Pro plan ($10 per month per user)
  • Team plan ($30 per month per user)
  • Enterprise (custom price)

4: Slack


  • Provides a suite of integration (with various solutions)
  • Google Docs file sharing is highly fast and convenient
  • UI framework is intuitive


  • Editing on a real-time basis without leaving the app is not possible
  • Highly expensive for large enterprises

Slack is one solution that has maintained its popularity as a communication tool for years now. Termed as a go-to solution when it comes to instant messaging applications, Slack helps smaller teams in their everyday work just through its free version. After the acquisition movie, we might see Slack making some interesting moves in the future.

After successfully helping businesses communicate and work together internally on projects, it plans to launch solutions for online document sharing and editing.


  • Free plan (message history will have limited access)
  • Standard plan ($6.67 per user per month)
  • Plus plan ($12.5 per user per month)
  • Enterprise Grid plan (custom price)

5: Google Docs


  • Great security features
  • Great collaboration features
  • Document sharing and editing happen on a real-time basis


  • Referencing functions are missing
  • There is no support for a greater number of fonts

The most popular term and solution which is there in every individual’s mouth is Google Docs. As a result, it has established itself as a great brand in the document editing and collaboration industry.

The best part about Google Docs is that it is entirely free of cost and includes the most advanced document collaboration features. It enables the users to edit and share documents collectively on a real-time basis. Changes, if any, get saved automatically, and you may even install Google Docs offline solution to ensure the document editing and other processes do not get halted due to unavailability of the internet.

You will not have to worry about losing important information written in the document with Google Docs. In addition, you will find almost every proposal, contract, and price management solution will have integration with Google Docs, thereby enabling you to seamlessly use these tools and enjoy each and every benefit at the same time.


  • Free plan
  • Business Starter plan ($6 per user per month)
  • Standard ($12 per user per month)
  • Business Plus ($18 per user per month)
  • Enterprise (custom price)

6: Filestage


  • You have access to and receive feedback from one place
  • The user interface (UI) is intuitive and easy-to-use


  • Project templates are available for upgraded plans only
  • The platform is not user-friendly on mobile devices

A popular content and document collaboration tool, Filestage helps make the document reviewing process faster and easier. One of the major highlights of Filestage is the ability to let multiple individuals give feedback on the same document, along with having that talk in real-time.

Only a few steps are needed in order for you to set up the structure since there is no requirement for the technical know-hows. Eradicating the need to sign up to leave their comments, Filestage make the feedback collection process easy and simple.

There are additional features in store for users such as status updates, due date reminders and automated file sharing to have everything in check. Missing a deadline will become impossible with Filestage.


  • Essential plan ($10 per month per seat)
  • Advanced plan ($20 per month per seat
  • Professional plan ($40 per month per seat)
  • Enterprise (custom price)

7: Box


  • Safety and security is top-notch with respect to utilization
  • Data storage facility over the cloud


  • Preview tool doesn’t let you open certain file types
  • Issues with respect to user experience syncing

If your team has an urgent meeting and need to share files and access certain documents instantly, Box could be the solution for it. Thanks to its live collaborative authoring solution, experts can now work together on documents whenever situations calls so. While initially it was only a file storage and sharing solution, with time, Box has evolved to enable users to create and edit documents over Microsoft 365 and Google Docs simultaneously. Potantial users could be project managers that aim to keep an eye on every piece of content. Box provides them with the center view so they do not miss anything.

**Price: **

  • Business plan ($15 per user per month)
  • Business Plus ($25 per user per month)
  • Enterprise 1 ($35 per user per month)
  • Enterprise 2 (custom price)

8: Huddle


  • You can access the application even while you’re offline
  • The mobile application is user-friendly


  • Frequent crashes of Huddle Office plugins witnessed while using Word and Excel
  • Poor calendar functionality, which needs improvement

Document collaboration has another powerful solution, Huddle, which makes it highly convenient for groups to view documents collectively in a secure environment. Bringing co-workers together, regardless of their work locations, Huddle minimizes the requirement for countless emails and meetings, thereby helping members connect in just a few clicks. From real-time editing to version control and high security, you name it and Huddle provides it. Users enjoy a better control over sensitive document sharing and editing. Additionally, they don’t need to stress over security issues since Huddle takes care of security before anything else.


  • Huddle plan ($15 per user per month)
  • Huddle Plus plan ($30 per user per month)
  • Huddle Premier plan (custom price)

9: Paperflite


  • The interface is easy-to-use and appealing
  • Document import becomes seamless


  • Actionable insights are missing
  • Limited views are offered

For every marketing and sales group that plans to share content, Paperflite is a good fit for the initiative. It eradicated the need for such teams to engage in long email chains to remain updated with necessary resources.

Paperflite introduces every user to a dashboard that conveniently helps them search and find content. If you ever require a document that needs your urgent attention, Paperflite can make it accessible for you without much hassle.

Such a solution would be ideal for people like marketing and project managers. They can use it to understand who viewed a certain document and at what time. They can further use this data to engage with their team members.


  • The Paperflite plan ($50 user/month


Kavish Doshi
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