PandaDoc Vs DocuSign – Which Software Is Better in 2023?
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PandaDoc Vs DocuSign – Which Software Is Better in 2023?

Udit Agarwal

January 27, 2023

PandaDocs offers basically the same function as DocuSign, but it has some additional features. So, check out the comparison between PandaDoc Vs DocuSign.

Document management is a challenge for several industries. Those issues often end up amplified for those working in marketing and sales. DocuSign and PandaDoc are two popular tools that are used to collect the electronic signatures needed on important transaction documents. Both make promises of simplifying the process of creating the digital documents and sending them out for the e-sign.

So, let’s look at a brief comparison for both of them.

PandaDoc Vs DocuSign — A Quick Comparison

Feature PandaDoc DocuSign
Integrated Security SOC II Type II ISO 27001 and SSAE 16
Custom Signatures Yes Yes
Document Tagging Yes Yes
Secure Backup Yes Yes
Multilanguage Support No Yes
API Available Yes Yes

PandaDoc Vs DocuSign

Electronic signatures solutions have become important to Small and Medium Businesses looking to cut costs by reducing the amount of paper being used in the document signature process. DocuSign and PandaDoc are two well-known solutions relied upon by organizations of all types and sizes. Both provide some great features designed to make the process of obtaining digital signatures easier.

In the following roundups, you will learn about the major difference between DocuSign and PandaDoc and Crove as an alternative document signing solution.


PandaDoc includes features like API, Activity Tracking, Salesforce integration, and Approval Workflow. DocuSign is known for functionalities like Document Overview, Sharing, Bulk Signing, and Reminders & Notifications. When you compare DocuSign vs PandaDoc, look for customization, scalability, ease of use, and some other key factors. The one which suits your business needs is the best.

## E-signature solution The customer-centric focus of the PandaDoc may be especially attractive to a sales professional. The ability to use pricing tables and the ability to create more dynamic content gives them access to something more than a document signing platform.

DocuSign’s outstanding security can be of comfort to companies concerned about the privacy of information collected from their customers. It looks to be a great option for sales companies who already have a CRM that can integrate with DocuSign.

## Customer Support DocuSign offers customers extensive documents with their support centre. It offers answers on working with some of the more complex aspects of the software. There is also a DocuSign community which encourages users to learn from each other. Businesses also have the option of having employees receive training on navigating DocuSign tools.

Clients can request support by submitting an online request, talking with the executive using the chat on the DocuSign website, or contacting support by email or phone. Enterprise customers can receive prioritized support for their queries.

PandaDoc customers receive access to 24/7 email and live chat support. They can also browse help documents on the site and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page that goes over the most common queries with the PandaDoc platform.


PandaDoc offers three static service tiers for SMBs, individuals and enterprises. Customers receive around a 30% discount when they purchase a year’s subscription vs paying month to month.

The individual tier costs around $9/month and is limited to a license for two users.

DocuSign maintains a similar pricing structure, with the three tiers aimed at different business user types and offering a discount for purchasing yearly access vs paying month to month.

The DocuSign Personal tier is $15 per month ($10 when paid annually).

User Reviews

PandaDoc appears to be popular for use in industries like retail, service and marketing. That makes sense as they geared towards the directions of the customers and clients. The customer base appears to work in larger companies that appear impressed by the enterprise’s tier of services, as evidenced by the 4.4 rating average given to them on Gartner.

DocuSign continues to maintain a good reputation among users with an average rating of around 4.6 among the verified users on the G2 and Gartner. More recent reviews continue to tout the speed and intuitiveness of the software. The clean interface and convenient document history are also popular considerations.

Integrations & Add-ons

The PandaDoc software integrates with the major popular applications to make your processes even better. The application integrates with the five payment applications and lots of other apps. It even integrates with the applications to create a complete CRM and sales management platform.

Some of the popular apps that PandaDoc integrates with include Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho. Some other applications include Paypal, MS Word, Canva, Stripe and QuickBooks. PandaDoc even integrates with Zapier to connect to other applications it does not share an integration option with.

DocuSign, on the other hand, provides a choice of around 300+ native integrations. Some of the key applications it integrates with include Oracle, Apple, SAP, Google and Microsoft.

Both DocuSign and PandaDoc provides a huge list of app integrations. Moreover, with a wider selection of the different application niches and around five payment options, PandaDoc takes the lead.

Crove: An Amazing Alternative to DocuSign and PandaDoc

So, if you’re looking to experiment with some fantastic e-signing tools like DocuSign and Pandadoc, add Crove to the top of your search! Crove is a great PandaDoc alternative, allowing you to simply e-sign papers. Crove makes it simple to sign, and manage your documents from any device. Sign up for a free trial to explore!


Udit Agarwal
Article byUdit Agarwal

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