Crove’s Legacy Version Is Now Deprecated

Crove’s Legacy Version Is Now Deprecated

July 18, 2022


Everything you need to know about Crove’s Legacy Version and Migration. Check What’s new and how to migrate

Salute to Legacy version to set up the foundation for Crove
Salute to Legacy version to set up the foundation for Crove

We at Crove have officially deprecated support of Crove’s legacy version. It includes Crove’s support with external integrations like Zapier, Pabbly API etc and the Crove itself.

What’s New In The Newer Version

Crove v2.0 was launched in May 2022 with the following updates:

New Design

We completely overhauled our user interface design and user flows to make Crove design intuitive and easy to use.

Docx Import

You can import .docx [word files] directly into Crove and start working on your documents.

Editable Documents

We have added support for editing documents generated from your templates.


New Actions and triggers are available in all our integrations which open up more possibilities to build complex document workflows with Crove.

API updates

We have updated our API and included more actions which were previously not available publicly. Read what’s new in API here


Now you can have different workspaces for your Legal team, Sales team, HR team, and other teams instead of having all the documents in one workspace. Workspace gives you more control over your team and documents.

Bug Fixes

With our new release, Crove has become more stable Software with fewer bugs.

Find more at: Crove Changelog or Official Website


We asked users to migrate their accounts before 15th July 2022. For those who didn’t migrate, we’ve already migrated all of their templates and documents to the newer version of Crove.

Please note that after migration, you’ve to reset your passwords.

If you find any issue in the migration, feel free to contact us using the in-app chat.

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