Crove for Real Estate

Say goodbye to manual process of collecting documents from buyer & seller then creating property documents in MS Word. With you can share a form with simple questions with both buyer and seller in which they fill their details and error free documents get generated.

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When Using Crove

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No more human errors

With you create your real estate documents as smart templates only once and after that you or your customers fill up a questionnaire to generate error free docs.

Save time, Improve Efficiency

Filling up a questionnaire is quick and easy in comparison to mundane template editing. Anyone can fill a questionnaire right from your phone and all the property documents are generated from the details filled.

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Automatically Save your customers data

When you or your customers fill the questionnaire, all the customer’s data gets stored as a downloadable excel sheet in your account along with the generated document

Why Use Crove

Automate Documentation Workflows

Automate your documentation workflow by creating smart templates with Crove and generate documents by filling form or integration with your current systems using Zapier.

Template Gallery

Get access to already made templates for your industry designed by professionals and easy to modify for your own usecases.

Improve Efficiency

Automating your repetitive documents or by answering questionnaire in a form to generate documents is easy and saves you time, thus improving efficiency.

Avoid Human Errors

Avoid human errors by putting all the logic and intelligence into templates. This allows you to delegate document creation to any person even if they don’t have the domain knowledge.

What do our Customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

How does creates the final document with details of buyer and seller?

With you simply share link to a questionnaire with both the buyer and seller of the property. Both buyer and seller fill their own respective details. Crove takes details of both buyer & seller and add their details at the required places in the template to generate the final document.

Can you explain how will save my time?

Filling a questionnaire on your phone is much easier in comparison to editing word templates on your laptop. Moroever, when you can share the questionnaire with your customer to get their details and generate the document then it’s definitely a huge time saver.

Can I integrate with my own website or CRM?

Yes, you can integrate with your own website or CRM to automate generation of property documents. You can do this either with Zapier or using our APIs which are available only after we understand your usecases. Write to us at with API Request as your subject line to get access.

Can I generate documents from my phone?

Yes, provides you mobile friendly forms with which you can fill up the questionnaire right from your smartphone and generate error free documents in no time.