Crove for Lawyers

With you do not have to draft repetive legal documents manually. You simply put all the legal knowledge within your templates once and then allow anyone to generate documents simply by filling a questionnaire or by integrating it with your case management software.

When Using Crove

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Generate documents blazingly fast

You don’t have to spend hours on drafts. With crove you can create even the most complex documents within minutes. You or your client simply answer a quick questionnaire on their mobile and documents are generated.

Allow anyone in team to create documents

With you put all your legal know how in the templates with logical conditions. So, anyone in the team who has access can create error free documents in minutes just by answering a simple questionnaire which generates documents in real time.

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Keep records of generated documents stores your generated documents in the AWS cloud which is secure and safe for your documents. Crove keeps your generated documents well organized so that you can view or delete them from any device, anytime.

Why Use Crove

Automate Documentation Workflows

Automate your documentation workflow by creating smart templates with Crove and generate documents by filling form or integration with your current systems using Zapier.

Template Gallery

Get access to already made templates for your industry designed by professionals and easy to modify for your own usecases.

Improve Efficiency

Automating your repetitive documents or by answering questionnaire in a form to generate documents is easy and saves you time, thus improving efficiency.

Avoid Human Errors

Avoid human errors by putting all the logic and intelligence into templates. This allows you to delegate document creation to any person even if they don’t have the domain knowledge.

What do our Customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my documents secure with

All the generated documents from are stored in AWS cloud which is one of the most secure and safe cloud service provider in the world.

How does Crove saves my time?

With Crove, you put all the legal know-how associated with a document within the template using logical conditons. Once a template is created, you can delegate document creation to anyone because they will simply have to fill up a questionnaire and the document will get generated as per their ansewrs.

Do you provide refund?

Yes, we provide full refund in case you dislike You simply have to write to us at or send us a message using the chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Can I integrate Crove with my practice management software like Clio or PracticePanther?

Yes, you can integrate with your current practice management software with our Zapier integration. By integrating crove, all the documents get generated from the clients data present in your practice management software.