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Crove for HRs

Do you still draft offer letters, experience certificate, and other employee documents manually? Why not convert your own word templates into smart crove templates and generate documents by simply filling a questionnaire or integrating it with your current HR systems?

When Using Crove

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Generate Employee Documents Effortlessly

Once you have experienced the magic of document automation you may never look back. With Crove you can automate all types of employee documents without writing any code.

Improve Employee Experience

Improve your employee onboarding or exit experience by making paperwork seamless. Your employees answer questionnaire in a form and all the documents are generated in real time.

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Keep employee documents organized

All the documents generated using forms or automation with stay organized in your account. You can access your employee documents on any device, whenever you want.

Why Use Crove

Automate Documentation Workflows

Automate your documentation workflow by creating smart templates with Crove and generate documents by filling form or integration with your current systems using Zapier.

Template Gallery

Get access to already made templates for your industry designed by professionals and easy to modify for your own usecases.

Improve Efficiency

Automating your repetitive documents or by answering questionnaire in a form to generate documents is easy and saves you time, thus improving efficiency.

Avoid Human Errors

Avoid human errors by putting all the logic and intelligence into templates. This allows you to delegate document creation to any person even if they don’t have the domain knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee document automation?

Employee document automation is a process of automatically creating employee documents from the details you employees fill in the employee profile form or employee details present in your HR software.

What are the benefits of document automation?

By automating your employee documentation workflow you save your time and improve your employee’s onboarding and offboarding experience by allowing them to fill a simple questionniare which generates all the required documents without you having to do any template editing.

How can I connect with my current HR software?

You can use our Zapier integration to connect with your current HR software. If your current HR software doesn’t connects with Zapier then you can use our APIs to connect your current HR system with Crove. Write to us at with subject API Request to get access.

What types of employee documents can be automated with

Any type of employee document in which you have to change employee details here and there in a word template can be generated with But you can use for more complex documents as well with logical conditions abilities of Crove.

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