How has helped 150,000+ users in their legal document work in India

How has helped 150,000+ users in their legal document work in India

Charanjit Singh

April 20, 2023

Case Study: and - Streamlining Legal Document Generation for 150k+ Users

Background is a platform that simplifies the process of generating legal and government documents for Indian citizens and businesses. Their platform allows users to create legal documents from their phone by answering a set of questions asked by the system. They offer a wide range of templates for documents related to legal, HR, real estate, and business space. The platform was built using WordPress and and has been serving over 150k+ users since its launch.


Prior to, generating legal and government documents in India was a tedious process that involved filling out complex forms and submitting them manually. The challenge was to create a platform that would simplify the process of generating legal documents and provide users with a faster and more efficient way to get their documents processed.


To address this challenge, turned to, a document automation software that offers mobile-friendly forms, powerful templates, and user-friendly interfaces. used's powerful templates and extensive support of Webhooks and Integrations to integrate their platform with, streamlining the legal document generation process for its users.'s powerful templates allowed to create custom forms for each legal document, which were then presented to the users as a series of questions. Users could answer these questions and generate their legal documents within minutes, without any prior legal knowledge or expertise.

Furthermore,'s extensive support of Webhooks allowed to seamlessly integrate their platform with various payment gateways and prefill user data from their previous responses. This integration allowed to provide its users with a smoother and more streamlined experience while generating legal documents.


By integrating with, was able to provide its users with a fast, easy, and hassle-free way to generate legal documents. With over 150,000+ users served, has become a go-to platform for legal document generation in India. The integration with has also helped save time and resources, allowing them to focus on delivering quality service to their users.

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