10 Steps to Write An Invoice that Exceeds Its Goals!

10 Steps to Write An Invoice that Exceeds Its Goals!

June 30, 2022

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In this blog post, we discuss how to write an invoice by going in detail through all the steps required to write an invoice that exceeds its purpose.

The only thing preventing you from getting paid now that the task has been finished is issuing an invoice.

At Crove, we’ve seen countless invoices, so by this stage, we can tell a successful invoice from a badly written one.

You might even claim that we have our own unique billing software, proving that we are knowledgeable about invoicing.

As we move forward, you’ll learn how to write an invoice, fill out an invoice, and then submit an invoice.

Are you thinking about how to write an invoice from scratch?

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Business invoice form template. Invoicing quotes, money bills or price invoices and payment agreement design templates. Tax form, bill graphic or payment receipt page vector set

If so, pay attention (if you have experience with invoices before, feel free to go on to the next section). Also, it is much easier to write an invoice if you know how to proceed well.

The only thing preventing you from having money in the bank is generating an invoice. It serves as a formal record of a transaction involving a commercial transaction. Typically, invoices list the products or services exchanged, the costs, the payment conditions, and any other pertinent details.

Invoices serve as both a payment entry point and a crucial component of accounting for internal controls and audits. You’re in luck if you’re a newbie to invoicing because it used to require a lot more manual effort in the past.

Invoice writing doesn’t have to be difficult! Start with something like a professional design. They are a crucial component of any business activity, but they don’t need to be difficult to create, nor do you need to be a skilled accountant to write an invoice.

Like anything else, billing used to be done on paper, and printed invoices were frequently mailed to recipients without any means to verify they received them (until payment has been received by you).

Featuring built-in analytics that keep track of when an invoice has been accessed and read, invoicing is frequently cloud-based these days. Along with online payment services like GooglePay or Paypal, there are several integrated, simple payment choices. To write an invoice, these are the basic things you should keep in mind.

Invoice writing is not really difficult! Start with just a professional design. 

Invoices are a crucial component of any business activity, but it does not need to be difficult to write an invoice, nor do you need to be a skilled accountant.

In most word processing programs, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Excel, or perhaps an invoicing printer, you may write an invoice that is straightforward. But just so you know, it might not be ideal from a professional standpoint to take that route.

As an option, if you would like to save time to write an invoice and ensure that it is done well, choose one of our competent invoice templates.

These examples might even serve as a foundation from which you will start to write an invoice.

Due in large part to such free invoicing templates, many small startup owners with whom we deal report receiving payments in a timely manner.

Regardless of how you decide to construct your bills, as you move through the invoicing process, be sure to incorporate these crucial information in the following general order:

  • Your name/the name of your company
  • Name and contact information for the buyer
  • Services or products (line items)
  • Purchase conditions
  • Signatory space

As we go further into each of those issues, keep reading for additional details to write an invoice.

1. Include your brand identity as the header.

If you don’t incorporate your logos and any other distinctive brand elements, you can be harming your brand.

Give your brand logo a good space in the heading section of your invoices. You could even add some flair to the document by using any of your brand’s distinctive colors or fonts to write an invoice.

It’s more apt to enhance brand recognition and favorability if you consistently put your brand in the spotlight in all of your communications.

It can be worthwhile to look into Fiverr or Upwork to hire a freelancer to create a trademark for you if you don’t yet have one or the design abilities necessary.

Although if your branding is only your identity, you can still create an eye-catching logo to help your invoice stand out among the other bills your customer is likely to receive.

Another choice is to have your heading appear on the invoice. If you don’t yet have a logo, here is a simple option that can help you establish connection with your client and foster trust.

A great approach to establish your brand, help your marketing efforts, stand out from the competition, and project professionalism is to brand your invoices. It is a significant step to write an invoice.

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2. Add your contact information

If someone receives an invoice from you, they should be able to contact you right away by looking at the invoice.

They may be curious or, in the worst case, they may contest some of the claims and want to talk to you about them. Ideally, they’ll want to get in touch with you so they can purchase further of whatever it is you’re offering.

Additionally, it is legally required to include your contact information when you start to write an invoice. Usually, this consists of your name, contact information (phone, email, and company address).

Perhaps you might want to think about assigning an exclusive telephone number to billing. This will provide a clear and straightforward path for your consumers to reach the appropriate person regarding their bill.

Whatever communication details you decide to provide on your invoice, be certain that it would be an email address or a phone number with a frequently monitored voicemail so any consumer inquiries can be swiftly addressed.

Stay tuned, we are nearing the end to know how to write an invoice and how to fill out an invoice.

3. Describe your business and all of its details.

It is crucial that your invoices include your firm name whenever you begin to write an invoice.

You should put your brand names towards the head of your invoices, whether it’s just your name or a company’s registered name.

To ensure that the receiver knows exactly who the invoice is from, it is preferable for your corporate name to be the very first element they notice.

You should mention your company name and any registration numbers you may have for your firm.

Based on the client, they might receive dozens or even hundreds of bills each day. Your invoice will be less likely to get lost in the thicket if it contains information about your business that is clear to the reader. You should keep this point in mind when you write an invoice.

4. Describe the products or services you are billing for in detail.

Such descriptions shouldn’t have to be novel-length, but they should be detailed enough so that your buyers can understand exactly what they’re buying.

To make sure that everything on your invoice is clear, you should write descriptions for each distinct commodity or service.

Customers ask more questions about unclear invoices whenever it pertains to the descriptions of the items or services, which can result in a disappointed customer and longer payment delays.

The amount of the object or services and the pricing should be included after you have written a comprehensive explanation of each item you are pricing for.

List the hours performed for each activity and the rates these hours are being invoiced at if you’re invoicing for hourly labor that has been done. Make sure it is checked when you begin to write an invoice.

5. Don’t forget to add the dates.

Dates give an invoicing context and help your consumers understand the whole thing. Additionally, it provides benchmarks for payment due dates that both you and your customer may utilize as a guide.

Most significantly, you should include these when you write an invoice:

  1. The day you delivered your goods or rendered your services
  2. The invoice’s date of issuance

The supply date is frequently included near the description of products and services, while the submission date is frequently listed towards the top of professional invoices.

Your consumers will know precisely when you finished labor for them or delivered them certain items, as well as when the invoice was sent, if you provide precise dates.

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6. Sum up all of the amount owed.

You must mention the amounts owing for each item in addition to the details of the products or services rendered.

You should write the subtotal, or the sum of each item, towards the right for every line item.

Line by line, as you proceed farther down the invoice, you will progressively add up these sums to get the overall amount owed.

Near the bottom of the invoice, this final sum should be prominently shown as the entire cost.

Make sure you have added all appropriate taxes and that the final amount owing is accurate by checking your calculations many times.

7. Elaborate The Terms And Conditions Of The Payment

Cashless Payment

Accounting policies should preferably be negotiated and unanimously agreed upon with the client before the provision of products or services, but even so, you should explicitly state these conditions on the invoice.

What kind of payment do you prefer for your services? Do you take payments made by cheque, credit, currency, or online? How about alternative payment systems like Apple pay?

Some of the most popular payment choices that company owners provide on their invoices are shown below:

  • Cash 
  • Cheque 
  • Credit card
  • Money transfer
  • Online transactions
  • Wireless payments
  • Electronic payments

You must also provide your banking information on the invoice if you want payment sent directly to a bank account.

Carefully evaluate the payment methods you’ll incorporate as each one has advantages and disadvantages, including costs and ease to properly write an invoice that is clear on its terms and conditions.

8. Here Are Some Things To Consider While You Choose The Payment Mode


 When evaluating a payment option, take into account how much using it will cost your company. When you accept card payments, the majority of credit card processing solutions charge transaction fees. If you take mobile payments as well as in-person credit card purchases, additional fees might be related to hardware.


For the sake of your clients and your business, every payment method you accept should be secure. Cash has a low level of security since it may be stolen or lost. High degrees of security and encryption are offered by secure suppliers when making online payments, protecting your customer while ensuring smooth payment processing for you.

Client Interests

You should take into account which payment methods will be the simplest and safest for your clients to employ as they probably have their own preferences. It could be beneficial to formally poll a couple of your clients to find out if they do have any particular billing choices or to ask them when planning first.


Consider how convenient it would be to accept the payment options you are considering. For instance, depositing money with a cheque usually necessitates a trip to the bank, where the money is frequently placed on hold for many days. Online payment alternatives, however, involve little to no effort from you and the funds will be in your bank statement in a few days.

List your expected payment terms together with your accepted payment options so that your client is informed of the deadline.

Indicate clearly if you would take payment in installments or through a payment plan.

The easier it is for customers to understand your payment conditions, the better. Your clients are more likely to make payments on schedule and in the appropriate format and become less prone to be puzzled if you write an invoice by keeping this in mind.

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9. Sending The Invoice 

To seek payment, one of the most popular methods is to email the invoice.

Easily add your invoice in an uneditable PDF file to prevent fraudsters from altering your invoices. It is a good practice when you write an invoice.

To ensure that your email doesn’t get lost in the void, it is best practice to draught a succinct, direct subject line. For instance, in addition to the phrase “invoice,” you may include one or two words that describe the services or items that were provided.

You may mention the company name or the invoice number.

Afterwards, in the email’s message, briefly describe your company and the products or services you supplied.

The drawback of email is that you can never be sure if your consumer has read it, viewed it, or is even close to providing you money.

You might wish to contact your consumer with a kind reminder if you’re confronted with a delayed payment.

If you wish to implement late penalties when invoicing settlement is overdue, you’ll want to express this explicitly because late payments might have an impact on cash flow.

Utilizing Crove’s invoicing software, many freelancers have experienced great success.

Most of the rules on how to effectively write an invoice that reflects your diligence and hard work should now be clear to you.

Success mantra to write an invoice 

It really shouldn’t take that long to write an invoice for a customer after you’ve developed a method and one or more templates that you are comfortable using.

Even though an invoice must include many different elements, the overall procedure should be straightforward.

Be receptive to customer comments, and if in doubt, seek input from coworkers who also produce bills for a living. They could pick up on a few items you can change or delete.

Your invoices are probably where they need to be if they have a professional appearance, are well-organized, and are simple.

Create persuasive invoices by creating an account on Crove now!.



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