How to Save a Word Document as a PDF? (2022)

How to Save a Word Document as a PDF? (2022)

July 19, 2022

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In today’s blog, we’ll understand in depth about How to Save a Word Document as a PDF with Crove and why Crove is the best solution to all documents

How to save a Word document as a PDF: It’s beneficial to understand how to save a Word document as a PDF, and even more so should you need to start sharing your work with connections and coworkers. In contrast to  Word’s default DOCX file type, PDFs do not entail proprietary technology to access without converting. They’re also effectively capable of producing high-quality printing than DOCX files.

Since there are typically no conversion issues, PDFs are an excellent file type to exchange among multiple operating systems. Users can rely on them to emerge in the manner in which you would like them to. They also are useful for preventing unauthorized file formatting and editing without using specialized software. They tend to have smaller size of files, and many businesses and organizations prefer the PDF standard for official communications.

In today’s blog, we’ll understand how Crove is the perfect solution you’ll ever require if you wish to understand how to save a Word document as a PDF, and for any other document process-related concerns.

Let’s get started.

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How to Save a Word Document as a PDF?

I strongly believe that a perfect answer to this question is “Crove“. So, let’s understand the step-by-step process for how to save a Word document as a PDF.

Step 1: Go to the Crove site and Sign-Up

how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 1: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • You can visit the link here, and get started with the process.
how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 2: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • In case you’re an existing user, you may directly sign in, or else you can either sign-up using Google or enter the required details.
how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 3: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • Here, you need to fill in all the required personal details to finish off the sign-up process

Step 2: Getting Started With the Process

how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 4: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • You will now be redirected to the dashboard as shown in the figure.

2.1 – Through Dashboard

how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 5: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • You can click on “Start now”, and you’ll be asked to navigate to the file and upload it. [Refer to the above figure]

2.2 – Through Templates

how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 6: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • Here, you click on the “+ New Template” option and follow the process.

[Note: A brief description of “+ New Template”:

a. + Template: It takes you to the template editor where you can start creating your template. A blank Untitled Document gets automatically created and added to the Crove Dashboard for storage and future purposes.

b. Upload: It lets you upload the file you wish to edit or perform any operations on, from your system.

c. Template Gallery: The Crove template gallery helps you select dozens of pre-made top-notch templates to choose from to carry out the various business processes that require a certain document or file type. ]

Step 3: Commencing the Process

how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 7: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • Once the Word file is uploaded, you’ll see something similar to what’s shown in the above figure.
how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 8: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • Since you are converting the Word document to a PDF and then saving it, you might as well need to insert variables if you wish to send this converted PDF to someone for filling purposes. Here, you can add variables by two methods. First, click on the variables option on the right panel and add it manually (refer to the above figure). Second, you can use a shortcut, wherein you type the variable name inside the editable file between the []. (refer to the figure below)
how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 9: How to save a Word document as a PDF
how to save a word document as a pdf
Figure 10: How to save a Word document as a PDF
  • Then, once you are done adding the variables, and wish to save the Word document file as a PDF file, click on the “Create Document” option, and you can then download that file and save it in the PDF format, and even send it to someone should you have the need to. Refer to the above figure.

That’s it. Congratulations. You’ve successfully converted and saved a Word document in PDF format, and it’s even ready to be sent for business purposes.

You can now send this form to all the necessary people and trust me once you get a hang of Crove, you do this process within 5 minutes. I’ve personally leveraged the platform, and I’ve completed the process within 3 minutes.

Now, let’s understand the need to convert a Word to a PDF file.

Major Reasons behind converting Word to a PDF file

I am confident that you have used Word Processor at some point in your life, whether it is for college or personal reasons. MS Word is without a doubt among the most widely utilized and well-known word processors today. So you should be cognizant that there are still some concerns when opening a Word document on a device running a different system, right?

Word documents, unlike PDF files, are conveniently meddled with, altered, or modified. PDF files, on the other side, are lauded for their “read-only” essence, which makes it extremely difficult to modify or adjust in any way without the use of a PDF editor.

PDF Includes the Password Protect Feature 

In contrary to a Word document, a PDF file can easily be converted using an online converter (can be done in a much better and easier way with Crove). Because these files typically contain sensitive information about the file’s owner, they require a high level of security. You can easily restrict other people’s access to your files by password-protecting them.

Thanks to the secure and file encryption features of a PDF file, a majority of the people using computers prefer converting a Word document and saving it as a PDF file. It provides a much safer and more secure method of transferring or moving data over the internet. It also protects your files from anyone attempting to access the information stored in your files and prevents them from stealing anything from you.

Easy Access

Ease of access does not imply that everyone can access it whenever they want. This signifies that PDF files can always be made available on any gadget, irrespective of os, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and even your iPhone.

We’re all aware that MS Word can indeed be accessed through a Microsoft Word app, so what if you’re utilizing a different system elsewhere? Shouldn’t you run into some compatibility problems? PDF files will appear the same regardless of the device you use, even though you access them on various operating systems. Even if you use a distinctive printer but it’s the same machine, you will need to reconfigure it all to make it work properly.

MS Word is famous for requiring reformatting each time you open it on a different computer. Perhaps previous versions of MS Word cannot adequately access the file generated in the latest versions. For example, if you generated a Word document in a 2010 variant of MS Word and open it in an older version, you would become surprised with how much reformatting will be required from your end to happen.

PDF Can Preserve the Visual Elements

A great advantage of transforming Word documents to PDF files is also that PDF files are versatile and therefore can preserve each visual component, such as pictures, writings or texts, fonts, or graphic elements, that you embedded before attempting to convert it to another file format. When compared to Word docs, you must do a lot of reformatting to get it the way you want to have it. You will almost certainly waste a significant amount of time reformatting and editing.

A PDF File Has a Reduced File Size

Even high-resolution pics can be converted into PDFs from a variety of file types. PDF variants of such documents take up minimal space and thus are extremely portable, allowing you to easily upload them to numerous sites or hold them on your firm’s server. Several digital PDF converters provide PDF amalgamating features, which combine two distinct PDF files into a single PDF file, which would be a more space-efficient and reasonable approach.

A Brief Takeaway

Converting your Microsoft word documents to PDF files is indeed one of the smartest choices you’ll ever make. It is not just a quite rational solution, but it can also save you a substantial amount of time in terms of reformatting. All of your hard work in producing your Word document might be for naught if you had to reformat it all, correct? There are still numerous advantages to converting all of your Word docs to PDF.

Crove – Your Go-to Solution

With this, we come towards the concluding part of the blog – how to save a Word document as a PDF, and how Crove, as a top-notch solution, has effectively handled this process and made you invest less time for such practices.

Now, many of you may ask there are thousands of converters out there so why Crove? A short and crisp answer to this – An all-in-one document automation and generation solution. For problem A you leverage software 1, and for problem B you leverage software 2, but with Crove you automate and solve any issue and any number of issues with just 1 solution. This saves you a lot of time which could have been wasted going through some crappy solutions.

Crove is universally perceived as being the most cost-effective document automation and generation platform. Further, it also has a top-tier eSignature system for quickly signing editable forms. It’s the ideal solution for how to save a Word document as a PDF and it usually makes the document management and automation procedure easy by removing mundane or monotonous work, saving time and enhancing workflows and efficiency.

Crove is a system that supports a powerful editor, an AI-powered interface, and a fantastic drag-and-drop functionality. Because of these benefits and advantages, your business won’t ever fail to register a sale just because you didn’t have the necessary steps taken for the documents.  Even the process of how to save a Word document as a PDF is highly easy,

The sign-up method is really quite simple in order to maintain our solution user-friendly. You and all of your fellow employees can be on-boarded to our solution in a couple of moments. However, rather than simply viewing what we have to offer, it is better when you use our platform and explore for yourself whether each feature works and how it might profit you, aside from knowing how to save a Word document as a PDF. We are optimistic that together we can assist you in increasing business results.

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