4 Day-to-Day HR Documentation Required By HR Department

4 Day-to-Day HR Documentation Required By HR Department

March 22, 2021


What if you get a tool to automate all your day-to-day documentation, a tool that digitize all your documents and create smart templates.

You must’ve wondered why documents are so important for any business? 

Documents act as proof and record of each and every activity that occurred in the company. Any business requires a timely record of HR Documentation to ensure smooth and efficient flow of business and its internal control system. Using a template can provide you guidance and can save a lot of time and effort as well when you need to craft your own letters.

Use these letters to generate a Resume, Offer letter, Employment Contract, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Relieving letter, Experience Certificate and provide value to your organization. These are Templates for your day-to-day contingencies that you encounter in your HR practices.

Sample HR Letters 

1. Resume

hr documentation

The first impression is the last impression. A resume is an important part of hr documentation. So your Resume should make an impression that increases the likelihood of your invitation to an onsite interview. 

While writing a resume the applicant makes all the effort to highlight their qualification that is needed to effectively perform the job. So here’s a professional field-tested resume template that follows the exact ‘resume rules’ employers look for. Easy to use and you are done within minutes. 

2. Offer letter

hr documentation

Need a sample job offer letter for your selected candidate? 

An offer letter is a formal letter used in hr documentation, that often includes the details of employment, from the start date to benefits and, most importantly, the terms of employment. Here’s a template that can be customized to suit and easy to create and share with your employees. 

3. Relieving Letter

A relieving letter is issued by a company to an employee is extensively used in hr documentation who has duly resigned from his said post, to be used as proof for future employers. This letter is issued to an employee by the employer on the last working day or upon receipt of the request for the issuance of the same. 

So here’s a template form of Relieving letter, where you can just fill in the details and your letter is ready in the blink of time ensuring you that no details have been missed. 

4. Experience Certificate

Experience Certificate is a written document that is provided to the employee upon the completion of his/her employment that certifies the employee’s experience in an organization. It describes the experience gained and skills acquired by an employee in an organization. 

Use this template to generate an experience letter for your employee giving proper feedback on their service experience. 

Importance of HR letters in an Organisation

But why HR documentation is a necessity? 

Because in the professional workspace environment, If it’s not written, then It didn’t happen. The documentation process helps in understanding the events that happened and not just the beholder’s opinions about the events. Creating all of the necessary HR letters from scratch is a time-consuming and labor-intensive project.

That’s a lot of documentation process, Isn’t it? That too on a daily basis?

What if you get a tool to automate all your day-to-day documentation, a tool that will digitize all your documents and can create smart fillable templates in no time.

Sounds Impossible?

Not anymore.

With Crove you can do all of this with minimum effort and in a blink of time. 

Learn How can Crove help HR’s in Faster Documentation?

Do you still draft offer letters, experience certificates, and other employee documents manually? Why not convert your own word templates into smart crove templates and generate documents by simply filling a questionnaire or integrating it with your current Documentation systems? With Crove you can automate all types of employee documents without writing any code.

This is how Crove automate your daily repetitive HR documentation process- 

  1. Crove app converts word template into an intelligent template by using logical variables & conditions which you can simply drag and drop for all your documents and will generate error-free documents in no time.
  2.  You can then share those documents as a form or sharable link with anyone to fill in their details or make a signature. It will digitize your documentation process in the most seamless manner and with no extra effort. 
  3. All your documents generated in the Crove app are organized and secured in your Crove account which is enabled with AWS Cloud so that you don’t have to worry about your data.  


There is a wide range of documentation required for companies to effectively run their business. There’s no doubt that generating and managing documents require a lot of effort and time, but managing documents makes work easier in the long run. 

And for making HR documentation easier for you we have the Crove app, which will generate all your documents in the blink of time. 

For more information on document generation contact us.

Gourav Manchanda

Gourav Manchanda

Gourav is a software engineer by training and currently working as a product manager for crove.app where he handles all the aspects of product development like UX design, development, and marketing.