Create Fillable PDF From Word: Powerful and Working (2023)
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Create Fillable PDF From Word: Powerful and Working (2023)

Kavish Doshi

January 28, 2023

In today’s blog, we’ll present to you the best and perfect solution to create fillable pdf from word, and how you’ll never have to search for another sol..

To create fillable pdf from Word is very useful when sharing a document online or offline with others. If the document is in PDF format, users can view the document regardless of the word processor they use. The PDF format also avoids format errors that are very common in other document formats. For important and official documents such as letters and resumes, this is a must-have.

Portable Document Format (PDF) ensures that a document’s content and format do not change when it is passed from one person to another. You can use tools and techniques to create PDF documents and forms and then convert them to editable documents. Microsoft Word is one of these tools, and it offers a format for converting documents to PDF and vice versa.

In today’s blog, I’ll help you understand how you can create fillable pdf from word with Crove, the best document automation and generation solution on the net at present.

Let’s get started.

Step-by-step Guide to Create Fillable PDF from Word with Crove

Step 1: Visit Crove and Sign Up

Step 2: Get Started With the Process

Step 3: Begin With the Process

  • Once you’re done uploading the file, you should see your uploaded file.
  • Next, since you need to convert your word document into a fillable PDF form, you must insert some variables for the document receiver to fill the form. You can do this by clicking “+ Add” under the variable section on the extreme right side.
  • To become a professional at using such solutions and easily create fillable PDF from Word, you must also be aware of the shortcuts. Similarly, there’s a shortcut to adding any variable without using your mouse. Simply type the variable title within the square brackets. Once you add the closing square bracket to the variable name in the picture, a variable will automatically be created.
  • Next, you can click on Form to check all the variables that you’ve added, and the additional options to explore with respect to each variable. You can explore other options at your convenience, and do what you feel is best for your document.

Finally, once the variables have been added, you now want to convert this template into a fillable PDF form. So just click on “Create Document“, and your fillable pdf form will be created. Now, you just need to click on Send Document, and a dialog box will appear with two options:

a. Email: You need to type the email ID of the person you wish to send this fillable PDF form.

b. Message Box: You can send any sort of message if you wish to, to the receiver. This is optional.

Voila! You’ve completed the process to create fillable pdf from word. The concerned people receive your document, and this process, once you become a professional user, happens within just a few minutes.

Handling the blogs for the company, I had to test the product myself. After a few practices, I could create fillable PDF from Word and send them to people within 4 minutes.

Let’s understand the features of a fillable PDF form and the benefits of using one.

Popular Features of a Fillable PDF Form

  • User Interaction: Fillable PDF forms are convenient and offer a wide range of user interactivity, as opposed to traditional paper-based forms, which can be time-consuming to fill out manually. PDF forms are much more than many modern paper forms, whether you use automatic calendar controls to select the correct date or radio buttons, drop-down lists, or checkboxes to answer your questions. Automation is something that helps make user interaction highly impressive and creates a positive image.
  • Graphic Precision: Based on the type of service document automation provides, the best one (Crove) will make your electronic forms look exactly as they should on various computer platforms. So there’s no need to compromise on typography, form layout, or graphic quality when using such forms. Crove ensures that your form’s formatting, structure, and images remain intact as per your previous or original paper form design. It may even enhance these elements as per your need.
  • Data Handling: A fillable PDF form’s special feature is that it can efficiently process and manage raw data. Again, this depends on the solution you go for. With Crove, this is certain. With Crove, you can import structured data into your forms (say from a data file or database), and also export properly formatted data from your existing forms (to a data file or database).

Why Should You Create Fillable PDF From Word?

Now, that we understood the features of a fillable PDF form, let’s understand the underlying benefits of these, and why you should create fillable PDF from Word. Apart from the obvious downside of paper-based processes, there are various benefits of using fallible and online PDF forms. Here they are:

Easy to use

According to a Software Advice survey, most consumers prefer to fill out online forms ahead of time rather than on paper forms. This clearly shows that online forms are far more user-friendly than paper-based forms that users must scan or mail. This is great news for companies and organizations looking to streamline their processes. Online forms should be used by businesses that want to improve response rates and turnaround time for signed sales contracts, lead request forms, surveys, or other important documents. After switching to an entirely online intake form, Instacart increased prospect closing rates by 270 percent. It is a great way to save time to use an online PDF form to streamline your workflow and reduce friction.

Look professional

Aside from streamlining and improving processes, the same SoftwareAdvice study found that online forms make a company appear more professional than paper-based forms. This is most likely because governments and other large organizations already use online PDF forms to securely receive information. As more businesses go online, user expectations will rise in tandem.

Integrate with existing applications

Finally, information gathered or displayed in online forms can be quickly and easily integrated into other applications within your organization. Customer information, for example, can be entered into the well-known CRM system Salesforce and delivered in PDF format. Platforms such as IFTTT and Zapier allow you to integrate these forms into your workflow in a variety of personalized ways. As more businesses manage their data across multiple applications, the transition to a fully online process becomes unavoidable and easier to integrate.

Crove – Your Go-to Solution to Create Fillable PDF from Word

With this, we come towards the concluding part of the blog on how to create fillable PDF from Word, and we understood how Crove makes it conveniently simple for its users to convert documents, generate fresh and top-notch ones, and more importantly, automate the entire document generation, editing, and other processes.

Crove is widely regarded as the most affordable document automation and generation solution that includes a top-notch eSignature solution as well to get your fillable forms signed, with little to no hassle. It’s the perfect solution to create fillable PDF from Word and tends to make the document management and automation process easy and simple through eradication of most mundane or repetitive tasks, thereby, saving time, and improving business processes and productivity.

Crove, as a solution, includes a strong text editor, an AI-driven interface, and an amazing drag-and-drop feature. Thanks to these features and strong points, paperwork and failing to prepare strategies won’t ever be the reason that a business misses or fails to register a sale. Even the process to create fillable PDF from Word is extremely simple.

To keep our solution user-friendly, the sign-up process here is quite simple. In a matter of a few minutes, you can get yourself and all your coworkers onboarded to our solution. However, instead of just viewing what I have to offer, it’s best if you rather use our solution and explore for yourself, how each feature works and how can it benefit you, apart from having expertise in how to create fillable PDF from Word. We are certain to help you increase business productivity and the sales success rate.


Kavish Doshi
Article byKavish Doshi

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