Best FREE document automation software in 2022

Best FREE document automation software in 2022

March 29, 2022

Document Automation Tools

Document automation is the process of cerate electronic documents. It works on the logic to assemble some of the new documents based on real-time data. The data could be anything, starting from a database to a paragraph of text. Document automation makes it easy, and quick o assemble some of the sales proposals, legal letters, complex documents, and even various marketing collateral.

Document automation is the process of cerate electronic documents. It works on the logic to assemble some of the new documents based on real-time data. The data could be anything, starting from a database to a paragraph of text. Document automation makes it easy, and quick o assemble some of the sales proposals, legal letters, complex documents, and even various marketing collateral.

Different Ways document automation Can help to Save Your Time and money

Gives You a Head Start

Gone are the days when we used to create all the essentials documents from scratch. Technology has now enabled organizations to automate their documents and easily retrieve them from the system at the time of requirement. By having a ready-to-fill template, you can easily reduce the time being wasted on the preparation of the required documents on demand.  Then why not go for a system that helps to allow for the prior presentation and makes your work much easier?

Find Forms/Templates Easily

Documents of the organizations have never been made this much easier. Your office systems can have lots of documents, each different from the other, and finding the one you need can be a detrimental and even time-wasting process.

Amplified Responsiveness

Most service-based organizations might take a long time issuing services to their customers as a result of which slow preparation of supporting documents. With the help of document automation, less time is taken to prepare support documentation. It can also be especially relevant to legal firms where the speedy preparation, filing, and even the settlement of a client case. The shorter the time you take to prepare and present your support documents, the better service delivery a client used to observe at the time of the short engagement.

Documents helps to save Time and Eliminate human Errors

It can be so tiring to look for the old documents every time as a reference to your new documents. This is not only pre-historic but also inaccurate and time-wasting when it comes to manual updating. By preparing templates earlier, you can even quickly come up with the required set of documents for the different users and deliver them whenever they are in need and required. Mitigate the error margin from the inaccurate transfer of data from the previous documents to the new ones. Now you can save time for your customers and team by using simple automation techniques.

Best FREE document automation software in 2022 


Are you looking for FREE and the best document automation software? Crove gives you everything you need to design and automate all your business documents. It can help you to automate all your documents with its rich document editor. You can add variables, logical conditions, excel formulas, eSignatures to automate any kind of document.  

Thanks to Crove’s rich document editor, you will be able to eliminate redundant tools by centralizing your document workflows within Crove.  

Crove’s multi-step forms that react to user’s input along with the integrations with 3000+ apps using Zapier, API, and Webhooks make it a powerful document generation tool for businesses of all scales.  


Crove takes document automation a step further with the help of its own pre-made library of templates. We provide 100+ pre-made templates and continue adding more to suit your business needs. Whether you are looking for a small business proposal, sales agreement, employee agreement, recognition letter for employees Crove has that template already made for you.  

If you are looking for a user-friendly and FREE document automation tool, then Crove might just be the perfect tool for you!  


Proposify is a free document automation software that allows the modern sales team to create, send, and track and even e-sign wining proposals, agreements and contracts.

Proposify helps to reduce the friction in your proposal workflow, which makes it much easier for your sales representative to quickly create a professional-looking proposal that helps to impress the prospects and close more deals.

With the help of Proposify, users can easily be able to create brand templates that are required by the sales team and can even reuse them so that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel for each and every deal. Now store your entire approval content in one place so that snapping together a proposal times a lot of minutes and not a lot of hours. And with the help of the integration will all your favourite applications, your team can create contracts, agreements, and proposals without ever leaving the CRM.

Pro Tip: Crove is one of the best tools for complex, custom document sets for services


Pandadoc is a free web-based digital document automation platform. It provides organizations to complete digital document solutions. Its users are able to send, sign and even track documents over the web, as well as securely process paperless transactions.  The Pandadoc service is aimed at the sales team in large and SME enterprises.

Documents that can be handled by this platform are quotes, proposals, HR documents, contracts, invoices, receipts etc. Pandadoc offers a various set of templates and preset text blocks that makes the quoting fast and easily as well. It also helps to streamline the way the sales team creates and sends the sales papers, which makes the closing of deals more efficient and effective.

It is also possible to share the documents within the departments in the organization or defined groups of people. Pandadoc also offers pricing tables, an image library, CPQ functionality, e-signatures, proposal generation and even more.


If at any point in time your business is using the Microsoft CRM suite and you are looking for the document automation software to simplify things, airSlate really brings up the good stuff for free.

airSlate offers extensive two-way integration with Salesforce and Dynamics 365 as well.

With the help of airSlate , you can pre-fill fields from any custom objects in Dynamics 365 that automatically generate documents from the DocX of PDF-based templates, transfer a different set of data between the templates and Dynamics 365, and No-code, drag and drop editor to quickly create document templates from scratch.

Pro Tip: Create Dynamic Personalized Documents with Crove


If you are looking for a tool that is free to handle document generation without the need for a complete contract lifecycle management solution, Documate might be the goldilocks option for you.

Doing away with a lot of clunky, ugly User Experience made by many of the more enterprise-grade tools, Documate makes the effort of the team effortless by automating the documents.

With the help of Documate, users can use some of the complex formatting options to give you control over how your documents look, advanced calculations, and conditional logic to simplify the complicated contract creation processes.

Why is Crove an Ideal Choice for Document Automation

Collecting eSignatures becomes convenient and quick

Crove helps you collect digital signatures from anywhere in the world and makes your document workflow simple through our eSignature solution that lets you sign documents on any device. We help eradicate all sorts of bottlenecks with regards to waiting for signatures. All this takes places thanks to our latest and advanced digital signing features within the solution.

Understand conditional logic

With Crove, it is extremely simple to understand and use conditional logic. It was built with conversation in mind. User experience is pretty high and intuitive in such cases where a user fills a document or a form when compared to the classic page-based logic.

Reduce unnecessary work with Excel formulas

Another striking feature about Crove is that it offers Excel formulae which helps you carry out simple or complex calculations as huge sets of data might get entered by the recipient. Should there ever be a need for you to put together a host of pre-populated document links, Crove is your solution thanks to the Excel formulas. Additionally, you may even leverage formulas to get pre-existing data from cells as variables in the document.

Audit Trail

Crove also provides an audit trail wherein you can journey through the entire trail to its origin just by receiving some basic information. Usually, the origin is the original creation of the record.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are document assembly programs?

Document assembly programs are solutions that provide a rich functionality which are far greater than word processing programs. The user gets prompted, while generating a document, for choices and information that are required to pull out the final product. Document assembly programs support conditional branching, which includes or excludes language based on user choices. These are in addition to filling in the blanks.

What is a document automation specialist?

A document automation specialist is a professional responsible for providing training and guidance to clients and lead large automation projects. Their role is to enhance and maintain the document automation systems for all divisions.

What is document automation technology?

It is the technology type that makes document automation possible, in the first place. Such solutions come in a range of functionalities and complexities of the document one can automate. The major objective behind all these is to take care of the entire document creation process.


So then, automated document generation is a no-brainer. Your business can reduce errors, save money, and remove the stressful, tedious work of manually creating similar documents. It frees you and your people.  

Oh hey – wait you’re already here. Why not start your first document automation with Crove?  

Click here and dive in to make your first ever customized automation document! I am sure you are going to love using it, and you will be back for more!  

Ready to dive in? Sign up for free today

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