Best Document Generation Software with Document Automation 2022

Best Document Generation Software with Document Automation 2022

March 30, 2022


Document generation software is an important tool for organizations that need to produce a wide range of business documents efficiently and accurately. It can create anything starting from employee contracts to invoices to reports or loan applications too.

Document generation software is an important tool for organizations that need to produce a wide range of business documents efficiently and accurately. It can create anything starting from employee contracts to invoices to reports or loan applications too.

The automatic generation of documents uses the data for results to be accurate and reliable!

What is Document Generation software?

Document generation software allows the business to generate and customize documents automatically and quickly as well. It works on the technology with a simple UI. It is also an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that helps to eliminate human errors and saves the business money and time.

There are lots of different types of document generators, all of which offer a wide range of features that can help you to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your business.

So, here comes the list of document generation software:


Affordable proposal creation and Document Generation makes Crove one of the best Document Generation software. It has a rich and powerful editor to create and automate different kinds of proposals with high Document Generation limits even in its basic plan. Instead of just adding plain text fields in your documents, Crove allows you to add excel formulas and logical conditions so that you can have dynamic proposal templates and even calculate product pricing within the document.  

Create business proposals & get them signed 

Create your business proposals using Crove, send them for review, and get them eSigned. 

Send forms to collect details that generate contracts 

Share mobile-friendly forms with your partners or customers to get their details & signatures for generating contracts. 

Automate monthly reports for clients or your business 

Design your reporting template in Crove, connect it with the system of records and deliver reports automatically. 

Why should you choose Crove for your document automation? 

Collect eSignatures easily and quickly   

Collect digital signatures anywhere and simplify your document workflows with Crove that lets you eSign documents on any device. Now avoid the bottlenecks associated with waiting for signatures. With our advanced digital signing feature, anyone can eSign documents using any device.   

Conditional Logic  

Crove is designed with conversation in mind. That is why it is much easier to use conditional logic with the Crove.  

At the time when the user fills in the document or form, the user experience is also highly intuitive as compared to the classic page-based logic implemented in the Crove.  

Excel Formulas  

On top of the regular conditional logic, Crove also offers excel formulae, too, in case you want to do some calculations, as there are lots of data being entered by the recipient. If you’re looking to put together a number of pre-populated document links, Crove gives you a way to do this more easily with Excel formulas. You can use a formula to pull in pre-existing data from cells as variables in the document.  

Audit Trail  

An audit trail in Crove provides basic information to backtrack through the entire trail of events to its origin, usually the original creation of the record.  

Panda Doc

It is an all-in-one documentation tool that offers several ranges of templates to customize your business requirement documents.

Its document analytics offers real-time notifications of when your documents have been opened or closed or even edited by the user or recipients. This even makes it a really helpful software to track and easily manage interactions.

Moreover, Panda doc provides a simple document experience with the help of simple formatting templates and is perfect for those who are looking for an easy-to-use generation software.


Are you looking for software that excels in the generation of the e-signatures, then Docusign would be a solution for you.

It helps to streamline the process of transactions via document sharing and e-signatures. Additionally, it can also carry out some automated data collection and entry from almost everywhere and at any point in time.

It offers a highly customizable template and tracking updates as well, which makes DocuSign a great tool for people who don’t want to carry out the stress of managing the process.


The Sheetgo web application allows you to automatically create any customized documents via an automated workflow for that. All you need is a document template and data to enter.

Sheetgo helps to transfer the dynamic data from your spreadsheet source to the document template you create. For each row of data, a new document is going to be generated, which contains some of the data. What is more, Sheetgo can also help you to convert your newly generated documents into a PDF and also send them to their recipient automatically!


DocGen by Nintex is a lesser-known product, but one that packs a punch. This no-code document generation software has intuitive templates that help to make the integration of the data easier with the effective and simple UI.

Nintex is highly compatible with most cloud-based solutions. Thus, it also provides a lot of integration options with third-party applications, which makes it a great tool that can help to seamlessly become a part of the entire process.

Comparison between the Crove, Pandadoc, Docusign, Sheetgo and Nintex 

Feature Crove Pandadoc DocuSign Sheetgo Nintex 
Price $9/month $19/month $10/month $20/month $910/month 
Integration Supports integration with Webhooks, API, and Zapier Supports integrations with CRMS, Google Docs etc Supports Integrations with CRM Supports integration with Google Drive and MS Excel. Supports integration with 4000 other apps on Zapier. 
Support Live chat and expert support for a use case Live chat support and documentation Help center and live chat Live chat support Live chat and email support 

Why Use Document Generation Software?

A document generation platform helps the organizations streamline the whole document production process, which helps to bring some of the essential benefits to the entire set of workflow and operation.

1. Helps to free up the workflow

A major advantage of using document generation software is that it helps to free up the company operations and workflows. Without the help of any automated document generation, employees must need to create the documents manually and edit each and every version individually to make the required changes. With the help of specialized software in hand, the operation gets a rapid turnaround time and an automated process that frees up the workflow. With the help of this, employees can focus more on sensitive operations and workflows.

2. Secured of sensitive data

A document generation system offers a proper storage solution for the company’s sensitive data and information. In most industries like banking and healthcare, protecting customer data is paramount for compliance regulation. A document generator features permission to set up for the set of documents, which is a major security measure. Admin can assign proper access to the important documents to avoid any data breaches.

3. Accurate data and documents

An essential benefit of using a document generator is by achieving better data accuracy because the software will remove the prospect of human error. The company can also leverage mistake-free work, which is a major key element of customer communication and brand development too.

4. Improvising of branding

Document generation tool also comes with lots of branding benefits as well. Thus the platform helps the organizations to control the narrative of their communications and always stay in tune with the voice of the brand, values, and messages. Improving the company’s branding page helps display to the public its reputation, its products, features, and also a business incentive.

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